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  • He Took His Skin Off For Me (short)

    He Took His Skin Off For Me (short)

    This short film has more going on the most full features and successfully combines elements of romantic drama with full on gore. If you can call it gore, since it is so straight forward. It’s a huge tribute to classic body horror films like The Thing and The Fly but at the same time feels…

  • The Ruling Class (1972)

    The Ruling Class (1972)

    let’s revisit a cult classic for a little bit: the ruling class directed by peter medak, an acidic satire that targets the english class system and leaves no room for subtlety when doing so. it simply goes for absurd lines, bizarre moments and justly schizophrenic acts instead. with one of a hell performance delivered by…

  • The Last Time I Saw Richard (short)

    The Last Time I Saw Richard (short)

    Winner – AACTA Award Best Short Film 2014 “a superb supernatural film of epic proportions” – Jason King, Salty Popcorn ” this film has an incredibly visceral quality that normally either comes from great skill or your own heart” – Tess Connellan, The Scribblings Of A Cinephile “Dark and increasingly freaky, this short thriller is…

  • Ravenous (1999)

    Ravenous (1999)

    this post works as a mere reminder of a movie that is unfairly neglected, underrated if not simply forgotten. ravenous, an oddball directed by antonia bird is definitely not what you would call a crowd-pleaser. and considering its dreadful official poster, who would give this movie a second thought? but, joking aside, ravenous dwells on…

  • Locke (2014)

    Locke (2014)

    The whole movie is set in a driving car with only one actor and voice actors on the phone. If you’re a fan of a more “experimental” cinematic storytelling approach like Buried i can definitely recommend Locke. Olly Richards of Empire awarded the film 4/5 stars and said: “There are films to see on huge screens,…