A Field In England (2013)

Fleeing for their lives, a small party abandon their Civil War confederates and escape through an overgrown field. Thinking only of what lay behind, they are ambushed by two dangerous men and made to search the field. Psychedelia, madness and chaotic forces slowly overtake the group as they question what treasure lies within the malignant field. Written by jessgiostan

Fleeing the aftermath of a battle in the English civil war Whitehead,a nervous Royalist and former assistant to a late alchemist,finds himself in the company of three simple-minded,good-natured Roundhead recruits who are less interested in continuing the battle than finding the nearest ale-house. They encounter the bullying – and armed – O’Neil,who was also in the employment of the alchemist and has stolen his papers,forcing Whitehead to divine for gold in the field. Whitehead locates a metal box and the digging begins but greed,fear,the need for self-preservation and an accidental meal of ‘magic’ mushrooms means that death will soon be visiting the field – or will it? Written by don @ minifie-1

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