Blind (2014)



Blind (2014) is a Norwegian drama film and the directorial debut of Eskil Vogt, which has received many positive critics along with the award in Label Europa Cinemas category at Berlin International Film Festival, an award in Screenwriting: World Cinema Dramatic and a nomination for World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic at Sundance Film Festival.



Blind tells the story about a young woman – Ingrid – who has recently lost her sight and retreats in the safety of her own apartment, the only place where she can feel in control, far from the seemingly dangers of the outside world.



But being alone everyday with nothing more than her own thoughts and imagination, Ingrid starts to create her own reality based on her deepest fears and frustations and as a viewer, you will soon be caught in Ingrid’s story like in a spiderweb, meeting new people as she imagines them, empathizing with some as she creates their stories, but will not be necessarily able to tell what is real and what is not.



A 96-minutes very unpredictable journey into a blind woman’s mind, emphasizing on how our perceptions can affect how we act in different situations, especially after one’s fragile mind was subdued to a tragic event.





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