• The Last Express 1997

    The Last Express 1997

    Set on the Orient Express in 1914, the player takes on the role of Robert Cath, an American doctor on the train’s final journey from Paris to Constantinople (modern Istanbul) before World War I. Cath, already wanted by French police as he is suspected of the murder of an Irish police officer, is contacted urgently by his old friend Tyler Whitney, to join him on the Orient Express, gateway…

  • All Your History : The Video Game Crash of 1983: Continue?

    All Your History : The Video Game Crash of 1983: Continue?

    i’m starting a series of post related to gaming industry, maybe one per week. first of is a 15 minute documentary about the fall of the industry in 1983 and the main reason why E.T. is considered to be the worst game in history

  • Indie Game: The Movie (2012)

    Indie Game: The Movie (2012)

    I always loved documentaries about the modern pop culture, comic books, obscure film eras and the game industry but unfortunately there are very few of them. Indie Game: The Movie as the title states so obvious is a documentary about indie game developers struggling in today’s overgrowing game industry. The film focuses on 3 games:  Super…

  • Jesse Schell: When games invade real life