DIRTY LAUNDRY (2012 – Short)

Thomas Jane debuted this short film at San Diego Comic-Con two weeks ago as a love letter to one of his favorite characters: Frank Castle. The first movie (the one with Dolph Lundgren from 1989) was a total wreck and in 2004 hollywood decided to reboot the franchise whit a movie that for me sucked big time (i know most fans thought it was great) with a performance from John Travolta that can only be compared to Terl in Battelfield Earth. After that in 2008 a much more gory-next-to-horror version was released that everyone hated but for me worked better. I felt Ray Stevenson looked perfect for the role and his costume really looked bad ass. Jigsaw was also a good choice as the main villain but what i enjoyed most was the midnight b-movie atmosphere. Ok the story was virtually nonexistent but i didn’t care for that so much.

So here we are in 2012 when Thomas Jane and *drums roll* Ron Perlman go back to Frank Castle cleverly enough to avoid any lawsuit to make 10 minutes of Punisher that i have to agree are the best incarnation so far.