Lemmy Caution – Dissension (free download)

Lemmy Caution is a beat driven electronic music project developed by Romanian producer Mihai Salajan, also known as Selfmademusic. Dissension, his 2012 debut, is conceived as a blend between music and visual arts, which gathers already known Romanian artists. Each song has its own artwork; the artists either provided covers for specific songs, or created them following a description of the project, in which case the music was inspired by the respective cover. The project was a work in progress, with a song with artwork released per month on the official Facebook page during a whole year. 12 songs were made, but only 10 made it into the final cut. The others will be released in a new ep or on the next album.


released 03 April 2012
every song performed and produced by Lemmy Caution with the exception of track 05 performed by Lemmy Caution and Makunouchi Bento
Mastered by Waka XMain cover art and logo by Lavinia Neda


Song artworks by:

01. Dyslex – Rabbit AB
02. Colorlind – NGWUF (www.colorblind.ro)
03. Neuro – Mecha Dada (www.neurotrip.ro)
04. Makunouchi Bento – Teethgrinder (www.facebook.com/makunouchibento)
05. Alkmy – Alien Totem (www.alkmy.net)
06. Akira – Vifor (dinauntru.blogspot.com
07. Bogdanator – Dissension (www.behance.net/bogdanator)
08. Bogdan Marcu – Lie To Me
09. P.n.e.a. – Tasty Little Baby (psychedelicnakedeyeauthors.wordpress.com)
10. Mihai Pacurar – everafter (www.wonderboy.ro)

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