Rubber (2010)

After Daft Punk, another French music producer,  Quentin Dupieux a.k.a. Mr. Oizo, directs a movie of his own. And like Electroma, this movie is not bad at all. On the contrary , it is surprisingly creative and original. More info, below from wikipedia and the youtube trailer.But maybe you should just watch the movie…

Wiki: Rubber is a 2010 French horror comedy film about a tire that comes to life and kills people with its psychic powers. It was directed and written by Quentin Dupieux. The film was shown at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

In the California desert, a tire comes to life and embarks on a killing spree as an audience watches the events unfold through binoculars. The tire kills by vibrating intensely and psycho-kinetically causing people’s heads to explode.

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