Svidd Neger

Svidd neger (in English, burned negro) is a Norwegian film released in 2003, directed by Erik Smith Meyer and written by Stein Elvestad. Norwegian band Ulver provided the soundtrack. The plot revolves around two families living in a rural part of Norway. The main character is a young black man (a Negro) who wants to be a Sami.

Anna lives with her father Karl someplace in the outskirts of northern Norway. Karl killed his ex-wife and threw her newborn coloured child into the sea when he discovered that she obviusly had been unfaithfull. Now Karl is beeing haunted by her ghost and is developing a serious drinking problem. Anna is looking for the love of her life, but there aren’t many bachelors around – until they discovers another small family on the other side of the mountain. They meet a semi-alcoholized widow on Karl’s age, her son Peder, and her black adopted son, Kjell, that arrived from the sea on a piece of wood.

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