The Brood (1979)


The Brood is a 1979 Canadian horror film written and directed by David Cronenberg, starring Oliver Reed, Samantha Eggar and Art Hindle. It was filmed in Toronto and Mississauga, Ontario. In 2004, one of its sequences was voted #78 among the “100 Scariest Movie Moments” by the Bravo Channel. The Brood was named 88th on the “Chicago Film Critics Association‘s 100 Scariest Movies of All-Time”. The film was Cronenberg’s first major success.

Cronenberg has condemned the censorship of the climactic scene, “trimmed” in the United Kingdom, in which Eggar’s character gives birth to one of the monsters and starts tenderly licking it clean. “I had a long and loving close-up of Samantha licking the foetus… when the censors, those animals, cut it out, the result was that a lot of people thought she was eating her baby. That’s much worse than I was suggesting.”

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