The Last Winter (2006)

Larry Fessenden (born 1963) is an American producer, writer, director, and actor, living in New York City.

He is president of Glass Eye Pix, an independent film production company based in New York City.[1] Fessenden will produce the Dark Sky film The Inkeepers which is directed by Ti West[2] and the thriller Hypothermia[3]

Fessenden’s company has produced numerous critically acclaimed films in and out of the horror genre, including 2009′s Wendy and Lucy (Kelly Reichardt), The House of the Devil (Ti West), Satan Hates You (James McKenney) and 2008’s Liberty Kid (Ilya Chaiken).

Glass Eye Pix’s low budget horror banner, Scareflix, was designed to exploit hungry new talent and inspire resourceful filmmakers to produce quality work through seat-of-the-pants ingenuity. Lean budgeted auteur-driven pulp pictures that nurture emerging talents of the genre, Scareflix offer faces both familiar and new in chilling tales that celebrate the diversity of the horror movie– from creature features to tales of psychological dread. Glenn McQuaid’s gently macabre I Sell the Dead is the sixth Scareflick in the series that began in 2004— a series already populated with killer bats, Robot wars, ghost stories, psychedelic brain melts, sniper rampages, grave robbers and zombies— in the films The Roost and Trigger Man (Ti West), The Off Season and Automatons (James Felix McKenney), and I Can See You and The Viewer by Graham Reznick.

The Last Winter is a 2006 thriller film, directed by Larry Fessenden.

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