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NaissanceE is a first person exploration PC game developed on UDK by Limasse Five with the participation ofPauline Oliveros, Patricia Dallio and Thierry Zaboitzeff.

NaissanceE is available on Steam.

NaissanceE is an adventure taking place in a primitive mysterious structure. The game mainly consists to explore and feel the deep and strong ambiance of this atemporal world but platforming and puzzles areas will also enrich the experience.

NaissanceE_2013-11-04_04 NaissanceE_2013-11-04_05 NaissanceE_Screenshot_04 NaissanceE_Screenshot_06b NaissanceE_Screenshot_08b




Genuine Japanese madness, it’s like a dream/nighmare.

Killer Is Dead is a 2013 action video game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Kadokawa Shoten in Japan, Xseed Games in North America and Deep Silver in Europe.

It was released on PC on May 23, 2014

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Child of Light is a platforming role-playing video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game puts players in the shoes of Aurora, a child stolen from her home, who, in her quest to return, must bring back the sun, the moon and the stars held captive by the mysterious Queen of the Night.

It was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in April 2014, and was released on PlayStation Vita in July 2014. It is powered by UbiArt Framework, an in-house engine by Ubisoft previously used for Rayman Origins and its sequel, Rayman Legends.

Child-of-Light-43 col_screen06_156422 homepage_slide_child_of_light_screenshot_cave_127567 homepage_slide_child_of_light_screenshot_village_127572



When Isaac’s Mother starts hearing the voice of God demanding a sacrifice be made to prove her faith, Isaac escapes into the basement facing droves of deranged enemies, lost brothers and sisters, his fears, and eventually his mother.

The Binding of Isaac is a randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements. Following Isaac on his journey players will find bizarre treasures that change Isaac’s form giving him super human abilities and enabling him to fight off droves of mysterious creatures, discover secrets and fight his way to safety.

About the Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth: Rebirth is the ultimate of remakes with an all-new highly efficient game engine (expect 60fps on most PCs), all-new hand-drawn pixel style artwork, highly polished visual effects, all-new soundtrack and audio by the the sexy Ridiculon duo Matthias Bossi + Jon Evans. Oh yeah, and hundreds upon hundreds of designs, redesigns and re-tuned enhancements by series creator, Edmund McMillen. Did we mention the poop?

250900_screenshots_2015-01-11_00202 boirebirth Xi1SRdj XkvgWO0



The Talos Principle is a first-person puzzle video game created by Croatian developer Croteam and published by Devolver Digital. The game features a philosophical storyline. It was simultaneously released on Linux, OS X and Windows on 11 December 2014, and is slated for release on PlayStation 4 and Android platforms in Q1 of 2015.

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War_20140625183117

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a puzzle adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and published by Ubisoft. The game is inspired by letters written during the Great War and has four characters on the battlefield help a young German soldier find his love in this story about survival, sacrifice and friendship.

The game is powered by UbiArt Framework, an in-house engine by Ubisoft previously used for Rayman Origins and its sequel, Rayman Legends, as well as Child of Light, the former two being developed by Ubisoft Montpellier as well.

2544483-8713744914-36336 2652390-valiant-hearts-the-great-war-comeback-trailer_2 maxresdefault (1) Valiant-Hearts-Three VH_SC_1_Emile_Neuve_Chapelle_140668 VH_Screenshot_Tank_143280



A Bird Story is an indie adventure short, about a simple narrative taking place between the mix of a boy’s memories, dream, and imagination.

From the makers of To The Moon comes A Bird Story, an adventure game that shares connections with Freebird Games’s breakthrough To The Moon while leaping off in completely new directions all of its own. A Bird Story offers a simple narrative taking place between the mix of a boy’s memories, dream, and imagination.

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a 2014 adventure game created by independent Polish studio The Astronauts.

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A dead man’s soul cries out against the force of a ferocious blizzard. He cries for help. He cries for answers. Then he screams as he is torn apart like damp tissue paper.

This wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last.

The police are powerless to stop it, so the duty falls to the only ones who can. What force could be so powerful – and so malevolent – that it would destroy the very core of a life in order to get what it wants? Rosa Blackwell and Joey Mallone mean to find out, even if it means risking themselves in the process.

BE-Apartment BE-shot1 BE-shot3 BE-shot9 blackwell-epiphany-screenshot-11-600x373 blackwellheader Epiphany2 maxresdefault



J.U.L.I.A. Among the Stars is a 2014 video game by CBE Software. It is a remake to J.U.L.I.A. It features improved graphics, a different gameplay and an expanded story.

GQwVK Julia-among-the-stars julia-among-the-stars_012 julia-among-the-stars_013 J-U-L-I-A-Among-the-Stars-Adventure-Game-to-Arrive-on-Steam-for-Linux-Soon-458099-5

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